8. Gas and Power – Power Generation Services & Digital

Siemens Power Generation Services & Digital deliver the right service solutions for your gas turbine, steam turbine or generator to increase efficiency, reliability, availability and flexibility throughout the entire lifecycle of your assets. From modernizations and upgrades, field services, monitoring and diagnostics, lifetime extensions to digital services, we team up with you to achieve optimal performance and maximize success.

We continually look for ways to increase the performance of our customers❜ operating plants in a market being driven primarily by an aging power plant fleet and the rising demand for increasing the efficiency of existing plants in order to combat climate change, conserve natural resources and meet the ever-growing need of an expanding global population. We will do this through life extensions and other advanced technologies to increase the efficiency and capacity of existing power plants, enabling them to generate substantially more electricity with the same amount of fuel. Such solutions pay off – economically and environmentally.

Using our powerful new digital solutions, the Siemens Digital Services provides data-driven, tailored services, so your operations and maintenance teams will have the information and confidence they need to make timely, insightful decisions.