7. Smart Total Energy Management

The energy system is changing dramatically – and this is posing new challenges but also new opportunities to distribution grids. Transparency about generation and consumption, costs, and power quality are becoming increasingly important as a result. It is this knowledge that will pave the way for making the adjustments needed to optimize grid efficiency and supply security.

Siemens has developed the right solutions for realizing this.
EnergyIP is an extremely powerful, flexible, and scalable platform that easily handles millions of sensors – be it smart meter or others – and the huge volumes of data generated. The Siemens Sinalytics framework provides tools and intelligence for advanced data analytics in a secure environment.

EnergyIP customers will benefit from new partnerships with leading technology provider like IBM Watson or best in class infrastructure provider like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services etc. Mindsphere will boost the ecosystem capabilities by bringing more and more startups to the ecosystem.