6. Smart Infrastructure - Smart Building

Welcome to Smart Building, and welcome to a ❝Perfect Place❞!

We at Smart Building are a leading provider of automation technologies and services for commercial, industrial and public buildings and infrastructure.

Our essential applications include building operation, automation, comfort, fire safety, security and energy managment.

Our main goal is to provide a reliable, sustainable and economic friendly system, tailor-made to your needs. With our highly qualified engineering team in Korea, we put cost-efficiency, best value for price, and highest service quality on top of our list.

In general people are spending 90% of their lifetime in buildings. Smart Building of Siemens ensures that these 90% are comfortable, safe, and economic friendly for you, your family and your colleagues.

Take a look at our high-end ❝Premium Office❞ demonstration kit at your left side, which is based on our integrated Building Management Platform Desigo CC.